You can get to Kaliningrad from Gdansk by bus, train or car transfer.

Bus goes 2,5-3 hours, costs 500 Rur ~ 13 Eur.
Train goes 6 hours, costs 550 Rur ~ 14 Eur.

Kaliningrad — Gdansk

  # Departure Arrival daily (h / h Mamonovo, Braniewo, Elblag)
Bus 802 06:00 9:00
249 06:30 10:00
16:30 20:10
Train   18:20 23:**

Gdansk — Kaliningrad

  # Departure Arrival daily (h / h Mamonovo, Braniewo, Elblag)
Bus 249 06:30 11:00
15:30 20:15
802 17:00 21:30
Train   8:30 15:35

Bus #802 tel: +7 (4012) 58-80-98, +7 (4012) 58-18-90

Bus #249 tel: +7 (4012) 999-199, +7 (4012) 46-76-52.

Train tel: +7 (4012) 600-888.

Kaliningrad bus stations

You can order transfer Gdansk-Kaliningrad — 100 Euro

27 Responses to “Gdansk-Kaliningrad”

  1. hans:

    I will try again….

    Hello! Tried to phone bus nr 802 but they hang up! No english?
    Well questian is: I want to go by bus 802 from Gdansk to Kaliningrad 26 Mars 2011. I got visa-papers and a hotel voucher.
    Is it possible to buy tickets at the bus? If not – how?

    Thank you.

  2. Carolin:

    Do I have to buy a ticket for the bus in advance or do I have to register somewhere? I would like to take the bus vom Gdansk to Kaliningrad on 28th of March no 802 at 17:00 or the next day no 249 at 06:30.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Timur:

      Hello Carolin,
      If you want to get the 72 hours visa you have to inform us an exact time your arrival and carry out all conditions.
      About tickets call these numbers : Bus #802 tel: +7 (4012) 58-80-98, +7 (4012) 58-18-90
      Bus #249 tel: +7 (4012) 999-199, +7 (4012) 46-76-52.

  3. Marina Pestova:

    At last something!

    Great site Timur! :^) and helpful.

    Timur could you tell me, please, if there were any changes in Gdansk- Konigsberg Bus schedule?

    I am looking for tickets from Canada to Ggansk (nelegkoe eto delo) and need to know correct time to connect with a bus departure time.

  4. Aleksandra:


    I would like to travel from Kaliningrad to Gdansk by train on 1 of January, could you please tell if the train goes at this day, because it is the day after New Year!


  5. Tommaso:

    I did not find anywhere on the internet a direct train between Gdansk and Kaliningrad. Does the train still exist?
    Is there any bus as an alternative?
    Which one of the two is the quickest?

    Thank you a lot for your help

  6. Dmitry Bedrin:

    Is there a bus departuring from Gdansk at 06:30, Monday?
    I’ve seen information on other sites, that there’s no morning bus on mondays.

  7. guy:

    Can anyone give the fares for travel between Kaliningrad and gdansk using the two different options?

  8. Mimi:

    The timechedule said there is bus «Daily» between Gdansk and Kaliningrad.
    somebody said there is no bus on Sunday. Which is true?
    Because I want to move Gdansk to Kaliningrad on Sunday, 12 Sep 2010.

    Are there any ferry between 2 cities on Sunday, even it was in September 2010??

  9. what about this visa in 72hs but what about if i dont arrive by airplane and i get this bus from gdansk to kaliningrad? will be my visa waiting for me in the border or what?
    thanks a lot.
    i am from Argentina and my passport is argentine.

  10. Valentina:

    Скажите пожайлуста автобус из Гданьска (249 в 06:30 -11:00)выезжает откуда, с вокзала или из аэрпорта? Я планирую поездку с ребёнком и мне очень важно где мы сможем сесть на автобус, как до него добраться из аэропота ? Спасибо заранее!!!!

  11. hassan mr:

    dear svetlana,
    good day i have a schengen visa also i have plan to get the russian visa did i i need after both visas the 72 hours visa

  12. maqbool:

    i have one year russian bussiness visa can i go to kalingingard without visa

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