Kaliningrad 72 hour express visa

Citizens of Shengen countries, UK and Japan have a possibility to receive Kaliningrad 72 hours visa. Maximum staying period is 4 days 3 nights.

All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation.

A visa to the Russian Federation is a document, permitting stay in Russia for a specific period of time. A visa lists entry/exit dates, your vital information, passport details and some information about the inviting party. Please note, that your Russian visa is an exit permit just like it’s an entry permit.

You can get 72 hours visa only at 3 points:
- Kaliningrad airport, if you arrive by plane*;
- Russian-Poland border (Bagrationovsk and Mamonovo).

Passenger need to provide the following to get this type of visa:
1) clear scanned passport copy
2) working address, name of the company, position, phone number
3) home address, phone number
4) Hotel reservation

You must send it via E-mail or post, at least 10 days before your arrival in Kaliningrad.

+on arrival Passenger has to have colored photo 3*4 cm

You should arrive on weekdays during working time 09:00–22:00

The visa costs €70 per person.

*The transport for the officier of the Ministry to/from the airport should be paid by the client. The price is €30.

We can offer transfer Gdansk (Airport)—Kaliningrad (Hotel), with getting visa at the border—€100+visa.

e-mail: kaliningradvisa@gmail.com

This information was last modified on 10 May 2014

140 Responses to “Kaliningrad 72 hour express visa”

  1. Pawel:

    Dear Timur.

    I would like to ask, whether I have to pay additional fee at the border crossing in order to issue a visa or 70 EUR payed to the tourist agency is everything I have to spend to get it? I qualify for the 72h visa, as I live in Poland.

    Thanks for the answer,

  2. Asen:

    I am a Bulgarian citizen. As of now, Bulgaria is in the EU, but not in Schengen. Can I get a 72 hours express visa, or not? Because if I have to go through all the trouble of getting a standard Russian tourist visa – I will probably only do it for the bigger rewards of St. Peterburg or Moscow or the Transsiberian railway and not for Kaliningrad. But I still really want to see the town and the whole small pocket of Russia around it. So what do I do?

  3. Quentin:


    I’m willing to go to Kaliningrad for one day and one night with a private car. I have the French citizenship. Could I use the 72 hours visa to get into Kaliningrad from Bagrationovsk or Mamonovo and get out in Sovetsk?



  4. M.MORI:

    I am diplomat and live in eastern europe. Does 72 hours arrival visa regulation apply for diplomatic passport also? Can I take arrival visa or do I have to take tourist visa in advance?



    Do you pay for the visa at the border? If so, in what currency?



  6. Nikolaj:

    Dear Timur,

    is an e-mail with the hotel reservation sufficient to mail you in advance regarding the 72 hour visa at the airport?

  7. ulf larsson:

    Dear Timur

    Plans for to visit to Kaliningrad this summer. Two adults and a boy of 12 years of age, bringing a car of our own from Sweden and are Swedish citizens. What do you recommend? 72 hour Visas or regular Turist Visas? Cost? Plan is for to visit also to Kuric spit through Klaipeda/Littuania.
    Can we go to Gdansk/Poland and then north and entering the Russian enclave at Mamonovo, stay for a night or two in Kaliningrad area and then leave either heading north to Littuania on our way to Klaipeda or can we even drive directly to the Kuric spit from the Kaliningrad part of it and cross the boarder at the Kuric spit?

    Other restrictions or recommendations worth to notice?

    Best regards, Ulf Larsson, Sweden

  8. Luigi:

    Me and my friend, both nationals of Schengen countries, would like to visit Kaliningrad from Lithuania next summer. As I understand the issue of 72hours visa is allowed only if arriving by plane? can’t we travel by bus from Vilnius to Kaliningrad ? Thanks for your reply

  9. Jane Yates:

    Hi – I am wanting to make a journey from Klaipeda to Gdansk via Kaliningrad in April with my two children aged nearly 5 and nearly 7. Is it better for me to go into Russia from Poland with a 72 hour visa or should I get a tourist visa. Can I exit Russia to Lithuania via the Curonian Spit with both of these visas. Are both of these visas applicable for children(I guess I would need to get them separate visas too?). Do I need to actually stay in a hotel in Kaliningrad?
    Was planning to make this journey by bike Klaipeda to Nida for a few days, then use bus and train to Gdansk, then hire bikes in Gdansk to go on Vistula Spit. Does that sound possible? Is it easier to exit or enter Russia by the Curonian Spit>
    Many thanks

  10. Melissa:

    Hi, I’m from Australia and we wish to travel by private car into Kaliningrad from Poland to stay 1 night and exit into Lithuania. Can you confirm that in order to do this we need to:

    - book a hotel room in Kaliningrad & have a copy of the reservation
    - buy the required car insurance just before the Russian border
    - and buy the 72 express visa on the spot at either the Bagrationovsk or Mamonovo entry points.

    Have I got this all correct?

    • Timur:

      Hello Melissa,
      The 72 hours visa is given out to citizens of Shengen countries, UK or Japan. You can’t get it.
      You need to get a regular tourist visa. We can send you Russian Tourist Visa Invitations (a voucher).
      It costs 35 Eur per person.

    • Timur:

      Hi Melissa, the 72 hours visa is given out to citizens of Shengen countries, UK or Japan. We can send you Russian Tourist Visa Invitations (a voucher).
      It costs 35 Eur per person.

  11. Dear Timur,

    I have long tried to find a way to visit Kaliningrad but have always been frighten and put off by the long Russian visa process.

    This new 72hour visa is promising though.
    However, my question here is if you need to have the hotel booked and fully paid to be able to obtain the visa?
    To apply for a Russian visa this is needed.

    I dont want to pay a hotel as I am a member of a travel organization and there are several members from this organisation living in Kaliningrad and I would stay in these peoples homes rather then in a hotel.

    But at the same time I dont want to bother them by asking for a personal invitation and all these bureaucratic rules for a 3 days stay.

    Any advice if it is possible just to have a hotel reservation and then cancel it? Or do you have to have it fully paid in advance?

  12. Handers:

    We would like to travel by motorcycles coming spring from Lithuania to Holland, using the landstrip from Nida to Zelenogradsk. We are both EU citizens. Is it possible to do so with a 72h visa, and can we obtain these at the border near Nida? Or should we arrange other visa in advance?

    Thanks in advance

    • Timur:

      Hello Handers,
      You can get 72 hours visa only at 3 points:
      - Kaliningrad airport, if you arrive by plane*;
      - Russian-Poland border (Bagrationovsk and Mamonovo).
      You need to arrange other visa.

  13. CD:


    I read that Kalliningrad is part of the new visa free entry regulation if I arriva by sea (and free of payment). Is there any cruse/Ferry line that arrives in Kalliningard/Baltiysk?


  14. ola:

    с американским пасспортом можно вьехать из латвии в калиниград на 3 дня или все таки нужна виза из росии.

  15. thio:

    We are travelling to lithouania, and want to do an excursion for 2 – 3 days to Kalingrad.
    First of all, is it possible to enter from lithouania (sovetsk) with this visum, I did not see any lithouanian entry pints here.
    Secondly, do you have a nice website for tourism things in Kalingrad, and recommendations.

    All the best,


  16. Hello. I would like to visit Kaliningrad this winter. I am an Irish citizen. Ireland is in the EU, but not a member a Schengen. Am I eligible for the 72 hour visa?

    Thank you very much.


  17. Tristan:

    Hello Timur,

    Can I also use the 72 hour visa if I enter Kaliningrad by train (from Gdansk)?
    And do I get the Visa at the border?
    And can I than also exit Kaliningrad to Lithaunia (by train to Kaunas, or by bus to Klaipeda)?

    Thank you.

  18. Val:

    Hi Timur
    I thinking to apply for 72 hours visa to Kaliningrad (travel from UK). And I have few questions: 1.Can I ask my friends (in Kaliningrad) to do hotel reservation for me?? (and then I can send all required documents)
    2.Do I have to (must) stay at a hotel and register there?

    Thank you

  19. joe g:

    Question 2 is bicycle entry is not allowed from the North.
    I would only stay one night as I have to leave the Schengen countries.
    If I fly into Kaliningrad from Riga, how many days in advance would it take for the temporary passort?

    Thank you again

  20. joe g:

    Hello, I am a USA citizen bicycling around the Baltic Sea and presently in Riga. I want to enter Kalingrad at the Curonian Spit and bike into Poland, taking 2 days in this part of Russia. Is the 72hour visa possible for me and how many days would it take to arrange? The Entry point is across from Nida Lithuania at Morskoe, then Zelonogradsk.
    Thank you and regards, Joe

  21. Menachem Danziger:

    I have an Iraeli passport.Do I still need a visa to visit
    do I need an invitation letter?
    is it possible to cross the border from the Lithuanian
    best wishes

  22. Люпчо:

    Пожалуйста, вы можете рассказать мне могу ли я получить визу на польско-русской границе??? Я останусь в Варшаве 4 дней, я хотел посетить Калининграде 2 дней буду в Польше на машине.Я македонского гражданина мы едем в страны ЕС без визы.

    • Timur:

      Добрый день, Люпчо.
      Если Македония входит в Шенгенскую зону, Вы можете оформить 72 часовую визу и получить ее на
      польско-русской границе (оформление визы от 3 до 5 дней). Высылайте необходимые документы на E-mail.

  23. Arjen D:

    Thanks for this good website that facilitates the traveling procedures to Kaliningrad. Thanks also for your personal answer to my mail. Maybe you can update some information on these pages concerning the fact that 72 hour visas are refused for children.

    I hope procedures for family holidays will be facilitated soon.

    Kind regards

  24. Alex Nowak:

    I am travelling around Poland very soon and want to visit Kaliningrad. The plan is to get a bus from Gdansk to Kaliningrad and stay in Kaliningrad for 1 night then get the bus back to Gdansk. What do I need to do to get the correct visa into Russia? Im a UK citizen. Many thanks, Alex.

  25. Alex Nowak:

    I’m travelling around Poland soon, and am aiming to get a bus from Gdansk to Kaliningrad one day. I want to stay for one night in Kaliningrad then get a bus back to Gdansk. What do I need to do beforehand to get the correct visa? I’m a UK citizen. Many thanks.

  26. alessandra aires:

    I would like to fly to kaliningrad from berlin, august 9.
    I can send you by mail passport copy and so on, and how can I pay you and get my visa? directly at the airport?
    the same for the hotel in Kali..?
    thanks, alessandra

  27. Jonathan Chan:


    I am a Chinese holding a Hong Kong SAR passport, can I visit Kaliningrad without a VISA? Thanks!

    • Timur:

      Dear Jonathan.
      You can’t visit Kaliningrad without a visa.
      72 hours visa is given out to citizens of Shengen countries, UK and Japan.
      If you need to get regular tourist visas, we can send you Russian Tourist Visa Invitations.
      It costs 35 Eur per person.

      Best regards,

      • Jonathan Chan:

        Dear Timur,

        Many thanks for your reply. I am travelling to Gdansk this wednesday. And I wish to travel from Gdansk to Kaliningrad this Sunday (8/8), or next Monday (9/8). Then I will leave on Wednesday (11/8) back to Brussels. If I apply for the regular visit, do you think the visa can be processed before this weekend?

        I am also a non-citizen resident in Belgium. I dont know if that will help.

        Thanks, Jonathan

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