visa-banerKaliningrad region – unique region of Russian Federation, which situated in the heart of Europe (region bordered by Lithuania and Poland, while the west is washed by the Baltic Sea). Here everyone will find something interesting and new.

Some people enjoy a quiet, cozy seaside towns with old-resorts, pine forests and sandy beaches.

Someone will be interesting to Prussian past of Kaliningrad region, historical monuments and Gothic architecture.

And someone will be delighted from the proximity of Europe and the opportunity to visit neighboring Poland and Lithuania without unnecessary hassle – visas are fast, directly in Kaliningrad, has regular transport service.

Now Citizens of Shengen countries, UK and Japan have a possibility to receive Kaliningrad 72 hours visa. Maximum staying period is 4 days 3 nights.



hotel-heliopark-kaizerhofHotel «Heliopark — Kaiserhof»

is located in the heart of Kaliningrad, in “Fishing Village”, close to the cultural and tourist attractions.

The windows of the hotel overlooks the island of Kant and the Cathedral.


hotel-oberteich-luxHotel «Oberteich Lux»

New modern VIP-hotel in the center of Kaliningrad, at the banks of Verkhnee Lake. Double room apartments (60 sq. m). Each room is occuiped with internet, telephone, cable TV, minibar.



Restaurant «Pivovar»

Now is one of the most popular restaurants in Kaliningrad, mix of pub and a Czech national beer restaurant. Here the main thing – the beer: fresh, cooked in its own brewery. Kitchen – Czech, Moravian.



«Croissant Cafe»

The most popular cafe in Kaliningrad: here comes to drink coffee with a delicious cakes, desserts, to buy crisp croissants and fresh bread.



Central Park

In times of East Prussia in Central Park was a park of the Queen Louise – Luizenvall. Citizens are very honored to their Queen and created the park, where everythig called her name.



Don Chento Jazz 2009

don-chento-jazz A new musical event since 2006, the Don Chento jazz festival, welcomes all music fans to participate at three festival days full of fun!

Harlem Gospel Choir in Kaliningrad

harlem-gospelTheir songs of gospel and inspiration will touch the depths of your soul and lift your spirit to angelic heights — every performance will take your breath away!


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